March 2015 til June 16 1062Sue Wallace-Shaddad was born and brought up in Suffolk and now lives there.  She is married to a Sudanese academic and civil society activist and has a daughter (a singer-songwriter) and a son (studying Games Design).

Sue is Secretary of the Suffolk Poetry Society, organises poetry events and reads her own poetry regularly in venues around Suffolk. She has done readings on local community radio. Sue is currently in the second year of an MA in Writing Poetry run by Newcastle University with the Poetry School London. She has had poems published by London Grip, Ink Sweat and Tears, Poetry Space, The French Literary Review and in magazines and local anthologies.  Sue’s career with the British Council 1974- 2014 took her all over the world promoting UK education and culture.

Sue observes and reflects, captures moments of time in both her own life and the lives of others, painting pictures with her words.