Time Passing

I thought I had the measure of you
after so many years, but you still

like to surprise me. It’s never too late
for caring to cross the distance

that separates our different lives.
With technology bringing us closer,

we lay aside the time it would take
to travel in the flesh, for a shadow

to become real. Although I count
the many months since we last met,

that measure does not reflect
the engagement of our hearts.

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

first published by poetrywivenhoe June 2021

Courtyard Garden

after ‘Host’ by Antony Gormley

This listening courtyard
holds rills of water, fountains,
a glassy pool of clouds.

I admire the secret life
of goldfish, follow
every skittish turn.

Their scales sparkle
like the tiled mosaic
cladding the walls

of this sanctuary,
its unruffled calm
mirror to my thoughts.
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The Poetry of Sound

The pipers regale us,
a battle cry of old
marching as they go.
An accordion picks up
the spirit of island sagas,
the sea and the shore.
Sweet songs of sorrow,
Gaelic tunes
haunt our ears.
Love letters from
a soldier long gone.
The poetry of sound
wraps itself round
the words that flow.

Sue Wallace-Shaddad
first published in Suffolk Poetry Society’s magazine Twelve Rivers, Spring 2015



Guardians of time
standing to attention
in an ever shifting landscape,
the circle is buried deep
in sands washed by the tides.

At its heart, an upturned oak
solid in its presence.
Perhaps a last resting place,
hewn by ancient axes,
secured by honeysuckle rope.

We recognise the timeless nature
of what became a seascape,
gulls wheeling above
a manmade offering
that has stood the test of time.

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

(first published in Suffolk Poetry Society’s magazine Twelve Rivers)